Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Fun of Felting!

I come from a long line of knitters who make wearable clothing from wool. I have spent decades trying to not shrink a garment that is made with valuable wool and many hours of valuable time to create. So, for me, putting my time, effort, cash and beautiful wool into something that I am deliberately going to shrink is a novel thought.

Initially, I rejected any thought of doing that. However, many knitters felt items deliberately because they like the results they get. Lots of podcasters talk about the benefits of felting. Photos of so many lovely felted items on Ravelry are hard to ignore. I rethought the concept of felting and decided to try it.

Knit Picks dispalyed a really nice, simple purse pattern and a list of the needed yarn so I took the plunge. I ordered the book for the pattern and the recommended yarn (in the colors that appealed to me. Everything arrived and I didn't make the bag. ??? I didn't make it.

I found a pattern that I thought was more me so the pattern book went up on the shelf and the yarn was absorbed into my stash. I ordered the wool for the other bag from Knits Picks (again, in a different color) and made the bag as soon as the yarn arrived on my doorstep.

I made the Belted Felted Bag Designed by Maria Cook. I made it in white Wool of the Andes and felted it. Oh, it turned out so cute! It looked huge when I was knitting it but after felting it was a nice size. I might like it a tiny bit larger, but not a lot larger. I made a wine colored belt for it and my daughter made a Fire Engine Red belt for it. This bag is adorable! In white it can be transformed by simply changing the belt. Knitted belts, crocheted belts, I-cord belts and leather belts, all are equally usable and change the look of the bag dramatically. I really like it. However, my daughter likes it, too. I guess I will be making another one for myself as my daughter snagged that one. I don't mind...I have some changes I would like to make to the pattern anyway......

Next on the agenda....Felted Clogs!

Have a Happy and Bless Memorial Day and pray for all our men and women in uniform who give up many of their own personal freedoms to serve to insure that we live and sleep under a blanket of freedom unlike any in the world today. Remember those who have fallen, pray for their families.

Hugs and Prayers
Serene Knitter