Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary Marly!

Marly of the Yarn Thing podcast has been podcasting for 1 year now. If you don't currently listen to Yarn Thing I recommend it.

Marly is bubbly, energetic, vivacious and funny. It is not possible to listen to her podcast and not smile.

Marly is both a knitter and and crocheter, though I think she is a crocheter who knits and I am a knitter who crochets.

Her podcast has lots of interesting happenings, yarn information, book reviews and laughs. She gives tips that may be small in application but huge in effect. Example: her suggestion to take all pattern books to Kinko's and have them all spiral bound. Totally brilliant!!!

Marly, keep rocking the yarn world with your marvelous energy!

Hugs and Prayers
Serene Knitter