Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thank You Angelika

Ever get tired of hearing people complain about petty little things? Me, too. This is not a complaint.

My son asked me to make him the "Jayne Cobb Hat" from the TV series 'Firefly'. Since my son never asks for anything knit or crocheted I responded by immediately searching for the pattern on-line. Then I googled the yarn, Cascade 220, and checked out the on-line stores that carry it. One of the shops that carry it is Yarn-Store, on the Southern Oregon Coast I chose this store because they have every conceivable color of Cascade 220, in fact, every Cascade yarn I have ever heard of and some I hadn't. And the prices were midway in the range I expected.

I ordered the yarn in the colors I was going to need, and I ordered enough to make more than one hat. Twenty minutes later I had an email from Angelika that my order had been received and that I would be sent a sales receipt when the order shipped. I was expecting that email in a day or two. An HOUR later I received a sales receipt that my order had shipped and I would have it in 3 to 5 business days. I received it in 3! Holy Cow! That was fast.

I emailed Angelika when I got the sales receipt thanking her for the fast service and received an immediate email telling me I was welcome.

My package arrived in perfect condition. They included, at no additional charge, a card style calendar with 2008 on one side and 2009 on the other. A Color Packett with 10 inch long samples of all kinds and colors of Cascade yarns on the front and pages upon pages of color photos of the same Cascade yarns in hundreds of colorways. I also received a hat pattern attached to pages upon pages of the new spring patterns available through their shop.

Enablers!!! Addiction Pushers!!! I am in love! Ok, I have three grandchildren so there are several patterns that I want to make and the yarns and colors I have to choose from is mind boggling!

I sent Angelika another email asking if I could mention their shop on my blog and got an answer back very quickly.

I am very impressed with the level of service I have received. I will definitely use this on-line shop again, and again. I highly recommend them.

Now, I am just waiting for my Harmony needles to arrive so I can whip up my son's new hat. I could have gotten needles at the local box store, but if I am going to invest in needles that I can use for many years to come I want the quality of Harmony needles.

Be Blessed
Hugs and Prayers
Serene Knitter