Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I knit my very first pair of socks in self striping Opal sock yarn. I was loving the way the striping was working out and so did my daughter. So, I made them for her. Now, if the socks look oddly long, let me explain. Aside from being my first pair and there are mistakes in them, I like my socks snug around my feet because if the sock creases when I tie my shoes it causes the top of my foot to get so itchy that I have actually scratched them til they bled. So, I was making the sock snug around, but that required making it long enough for the stretch to pull up from the length.

Also, this is a toe-up pattern and I am not sure how I feel about it. The heel is not reinforced and starting is very clumsy, but I will give it another go with another yarn to see if I have improved.

Also, Marly from the Yarn Thing podcast left me my first comment. I love Marly! I love her energetic and enthusiastic podcast and use it as a measure of the other podcasts I listen to. Bless you Marly! Visit her blog at

Hugs and Prayers to All
Serene Knitter